General Accessories

Jean Baptiste is proud to offer a wide selection of accessories that can be used by all musicians. Jean Baptiste’s instrument stands and lights are ideal for both practice and performance, as they allow players to see their music in any situation. Whether your practicing at home, at a rehearsal or in performance, Jean Baptiste has an accessory that suites you and your instrument’s needs.

Double Arm Clip-on LED Music Stand Light


Model: DUO4LED
The compact DUO4LED Double Arm Clip-on LED Music Stand Light is fitted with four high-powered LEDs on two flexible arms. Each arm has an individual power button, allowing for a wide variety of lighting combinations. The DUO4LED can be powered by three AAA batteries or a USB cable, both of which are included. A large clip allows the DUO4LED to be attached to most stands, as well as books, computers and anything that can use additional lighting.

Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Cloth


Made from microfibers of Micracel, the MICROFI Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Cloth is lint-free and recommended for delicate finishes. Keep this cloth in your case for quick cleanings or to remove fingerprints and other unwanted marks.

Concert Music Stand


The CONMSTD Concert Music Stand is extremely popular among students, teachers and performers. Featuring a solid tripod base, the CONMSTD can be lowered pneumatically (no knobs to mess with, just raise or lower to your desired height). Its wide, solid desk holds heavy texts and fake books without issue.

Table Top Music Stand


Perfect for home use, the solid TTMUSIC Table Top Music Stand features a movable leg that allows the stand to be used on any flat service. Studying music by your desk is made easy with this handy table top stand.

Clip-On Concert Music Stand Light


The MSLBULB Clip-On Concert Music Stand Light is perfect for those looking for a more traditional way to illuminate their music. The MSLBULB clips on to a solid desk music stand and keeps your music well lit with a long, low wattage lightbulb, powered by AC current.