French Horns

The french horn, sometimes referred to as the “horn in F”, is a mellow sounding instrument consisting of over 20′ of brass tubing wrapped around itself. French horns are available in single-tubed models, usually keyed to F, as well as in double or triple-tubed models that allow additional tubing sections to be selected via a rotor system. Typically, beginners start off using a single french horn, while the double french horn is a bit more advanced and more common in full concert band settings. Most french horns employ a rotary valve system to change pitch chromatically.

Jean Baptiste offers the FHSING Single French Horn and the FH483 Double French Horn, both of which are rich sounding instruments that are a pleasure to play and designed to last for years. The FHSING is a lightweight, single keyed French Horn that is ideal for beginners, while the FH483 employs a second set of tubing that is activated by a trigger system for extended range.

The FH742L Junior French Horn, keyed to F and pitched much higher than a standard french horn, is located in the Specialty/Harmony Section.