EUPCOMS 4-Valve Compensating Euphonium

Jean Baptiste is proud to introduce it’s newest addition to its line of euphoniums, the EUPCOMS 4-Valve Compensating Euphonium. Designed for the advancing player, the EUPCOMS is a fully-featured instrument that produces a rich, powerful sound.

The EUPCOMS is constructed with a 12″ yellow brass bell, as well as four high-quality stainless steel valves for an extended playing range over typical student euphoniums. These valves form a solid valve block that is consistent and reliable, while facilitating proper slotting and intonation. The instrument features a compensating dual bore system that allows players of any skill to produce a full tone with ease. When the first three valves are played by themselves, the bore is .590″ in size (medium large). Depressing the fourth compensating valve shifts the airflow to a second set of tubing with a large .660″ bore, lowering the range of the instrument. The EUPCOMS sports nickel silver outer tuning slides that provide durability to withstand wear at these key areas. The leadpipe is made of gold brass, which uses a higher copper content than traditional yellow brass. This also helps produce a warm, vibrant tone.

The EUPCOMS comes complete with a large shank 12C mouthpiece and a hardshell wheeled case. Finished in a beautiful silver plate, the EUPCOMS 4-Valve Compensating Euphonium offers the outstanding value and tone that defines Jean Baptiste.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 12″ yellow brass bell
  • .590″ bore: Medium Large main bore, .660″ bore: Large compensating bore
  • Stainless steel valves (three top, fourth compensating)
  • Nickel silver slides
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Includes case and 12C mouthpiece

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