TUBA3VF 3-Valve Tuba – 3/4 Size

As with all Jean Baptiste brass instruments, the TUBA3VF 3-Valve Tuba is designed to provide the exceptional quality and value that defines Jean Baptiste.

The more portable 3/4 size TUBA3VF is a contrabass tuba keyed to Bb, the most widely used key among students and marching band tubas. Its .630″ medium bore gives the advancing player a greater amount of control, while reducing resistance. TUBA3VF is fitted a with a 15” yellow brass bell and yellow brass body for commanding projection and rich even tone. Its nickel silver leadpipe helps deliver the deep, warm sound associated with this monstrous low-pitched instrument. Also featuring nickel silver construction for the tuning slides and three front-facing valves, the TUBA3VF is solid and reliable at the parts of the instrument that see the most movement and adjustment.

The TUBA3VF comes complete with a wheeled case, 24AW mouthpiece, bottle of valve oil and microfiber polishing cloth, allowing the instrument to be continuously maintained.


  • 3/4 size tuba
  • Keyed to Bb
  • 15″ yellow brass bell
  • .630″ bore: Medium bore
  • Nickel silver leadpipe, slides and valves
  • Three front-facing valves
  • Includes case, 24AW mouthpiece, valve oil and polishing cloth

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