AH481LU Alto Horn

Continuing a tradition of high-quality brass instruments, Jean Baptiste presents the AH481LU Alto Horn. Designed to the same exacting standards that are found throughout the Jean Baptiste brass line, the AH481LU is a superb instrument with features not often found in student horns.

The AH481LU is constructed with a 7.5″ yellow brass bell that helps create a rich, mellow tone. The AH481LU also features three nickel silver valves, forming a solid, valve block with excellent compression. The alto horn features a small .488″ bore and a yellow brass lead pipe, allowing players of any skill level to produce exceptional tone with ease. The AH481LU is played similar to the more popular baritone and euphonium horns, but its higher pitch makes it excel as a harmony instrument in a brass band.

The AH481LU comes complete with a 12C small shank mouthpiece, bottle of valve oil, polishing cloth and a wheeled hardshell case. The AH481LU Alto Horn offers the outstanding value and tone that you’d expect from Jean Baptiste.


  • Keyed to Eb
  • 7.5″ yellow brass bell
  • .488″ bore: Medium Large bore
  • Three nickel silver valves
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case, small shank 12C mouthpiece, valve oil and polishing cloth