BUGL1 Bugle

Jean Baptiste produces a horn for any occasion, demonstrating a commitment to providing high-quality brass instruments for every type of player. With that in mind, Jean Baptiste presents the BUGL1 Bugle, a fun, easy-to-play horn that looks back to the brass instruments of the past.

Based on the valveless brass instruments made popular during Civil War times, the BUGL1 is constructed with a 5.75″ yellow brass bell that creates an even tone with tremendous projection. Keyed to Bb, the BUGL1 is in the same key as a standard trumpet without its valves depressed. The BUGL1 has been modernized over the bugles of the 19th Century with the inclusion of a water key, which allows fluid to be evacuated from the instrument with ease.

Now a bugle standard, the BUGL1 features a large conical bore that generates a rich, warm tone. The BUGL1 comes with a 1C mouthpiece, lightweight hardshell case and polishing cloth.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 5.75″ yellow brass bell
  • Large conical bore
  • Water key
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case, 1C mouthpiece and polishing cloth

Product Video