STP181 Slide Trumpet

The Jean Baptiste STP181 Slide Trumpet is the perfect instrument to start your doubling career. It’s perfect for the tenor trombone player that’s looking to step it up (an octave or two) to the trumpet, but without learning the trumpet fingerings or valve use.

The STP181 features a 4.75″ yellow brass bell. The trumpet’s body and hand slide are constructed of yellow brass as well. Its .453″ bore is freeblowing enough for a beginner, with enough resistance for players at higher skill levels. The STP181 utilizes the same mutes as a standard trumpet, but handles like a trombone. In addition, it’s a perfect “travel size trombone”.

The Jean Baptiste STP181 Slide Trumpet is a unique instrument that’s sure to spark conversation.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 4.75″ yellow brass bell
  • .453″ bore
  • Nickel silver slide receiver
  • Third valve side
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case and 7C mouthpiece