The first trumpets date back over 3000 years, making them one of the oldest wind instruments still in popular use. Early trumpets were typically used for military and ceremonial purposes. Originally valveless, pitch changes were accomplished by the player’s embouchure. As a result, the pitch range of these trumpets was rather limited. Modern trumpets use a valve system, usually consisting of three pistons that alter the tubing length, to change pitch. Combinations of these valves allow trumpets to be played chromatically. Most trumpets are keyed to Bb and are transposing soprano instruments, though they are made in other keys.

Jean Baptiste proudly offers the TP483 Trumpet, a popular student model that employs many features often found in professional trumpets. For those looking for a more compact and portable model, Jean Baptiste also offers the PT384 Pocket Trumpet. All Jean Baptiste trumpets are designed with reliability and tone in mind.

The STP181 Slide Trumpet, which can be classified as a soprano trombone, is located in the Speciality/Harmony section.