Alto Saxophones

Invented in 1840 as an instrument that can be played in both orchestral and marching bands, the saxophone is one of the newest members of the woodwind family. The most popular saxophone is the alto saxophone. Keyed to Eb, the alto saxophone is a transposing instrument, meaning that when you play a C, the instrument actually produces an Eb pitch.

Jean Baptiste offers two alto saxophone models that are sure to please students, teachers and parents. Both the 290 and 690 Alto Saxophones feature the same size bore and a newly-designed neck, making them easy to play and able to produce beautiful tone. The student-friendly 290 model uses single post construction, while the 690 models uses ribbed post construction. Ribbed post construction lends the 690s a more colorful tone, making them great for both students and intermediate players. Every Jean Baptiste saxophone features high-quality Italian leather pads for a proper and long-lasting seal.