Baritone Saxophones

Invented in 1840 as an instrument that can be played in both orchestral and marching bands, the saxophone is one of the newest members of the woodwind family. The baritone saxophone is the largest of the four commonly-used saxophones. Keyed to Eb, the baritone saxophone is a transposing instrument, meaning that when you play a C, the instrument actually produces a Eb pitch.

Jean Baptiste offers the 686BL Baritone Saxophone, featuring a yellow brass body with single post construction. This makes for a lightweight instrument with a rich, powerful tone. Spanning from Low A to High F#, the 686BL offers the full range of notes that is demanded by modern baritone saxophonists. Like all Jean Baptiste saxophones, the 686BL features high-quality Italian leather pads for a proper and long-lasting seal.