The recorder was once an extremely popular instrument, with it’s prominence dating back to medieval times. Traditionally made of wood or ivory, the recorder is widely used as the first instrument taught in schools today.

Jean Baptiste offers the plastic RCD96PU Soprano Recorder in several colors. Perfect for young musicians, there is sure to be a color that every young student will love. Every Jean Baptiste recorder comes with a convenient pouch to protect the instrument, along with a matching cleaning rod to help prevent any build-up inside of the instrument.

RCD96PU Soprano Recorder – Purple

Recorders JREC96PUX

RCD96R Soprano Recorder – Red

Recorders JREC96RXX

RCD96Y Soprano Recorder – Yellow

Recorders JREC96YXX

REC95IV Soprano Recorder – Ivory

Recorders JREC95IVX

REC96B Soprano Recorder – Blue

Recorders JREC96BXX

REC96G Soprano Recorder – Green

Recorders JREC96GXX

REC96O Soprano Recorder – Orange

Recorders JREC96OXX

REC96PK Soprano Recorder – Pink

Recorders JREC96PKX