Soprano Saxophones

Invented in 1840 as an instrument that can be played in both orchestral and marching bands, the saxophone is one of the newest members of the woodwind family.  The soprano saxophone is unique for many reasons. Keyed to Bb, the soprano saxophone is a transposing instrument, meaning that when you play a C, the instrument actually produces a Bb pitch. In addition, the instrument can be built with either a straight or curved design. Straight soprano saxophones come as a single piece of brass or in two pieces, so the neck can be removed. The soprano saxophone is also pitched one octave above the tenor saxophones, which is double its size. While the fingering and key of the soprano saxophone is identical to that of the tenor saxophone, it requires a more controlled embouchure in order to play perfectly in tune.

Jean Baptiste offers the straight, 2-piece 88SS Soprano Saxophone. Its large bore creates a full, yet sweet sound that avid players demand. Constructed of yellow brass, the 88SS models come with both straight and curved necks to complement the style and comfort of any player. Like all Jean Baptiste saxophones, the 88SS models features high-quality Italian leather pads for a proper and long-lasting seal.