88SSDL Soprano Saxophone – Dark Gold Lacquer

Continuing with a commitment to excellence in soprano saxophones, Jean Baptise brings you the 88SSDL. Designed for the advancing saxophonist, the 88SSDL is a reliable soprano saxophone that plays with superb tone and intonation, while retaining affordability.

The 88SSDL features a 2-piece yellow brass body with single post construction to keep it lightweight and increase the vibrations of the body. The instrument also has blued steel springs, as well as stainless steel pivot screws and hinge rods for maximum durability and quick, comfortable action. Keyed from Low Bb to High F#, the 88SSDL offers the full range of a modern soprano saxophone. It includes straight and curved necks so the instrument is adjustable to your embouchure. With a dark gold lacquer finish, the 88SSDL is elaborately engraved so that its beauty matches its sound. The instrument is packaged with a protective case and an American-made mouthpiece. Every Jean Baptiste soprano saxophone features high-quality Italian leather pads for a proper and long lasting seal.

The Jean Baptiste 88SSDL Soprano Saxophone is designed to give the fast, quick response players demand in a soprano saxophone. It has every feature you’d expect from a high-quality soprano saxophone and more.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 2-piece yellow brass body
  • Straight and curved necks included
  • Single post body construction
  • Plastic thumbrest, PVC key touches
  • Blued steel springs
  • Italian leather pads
  • Stainless steel pivot screws
  • Dark gold lacquer finish
  • Includes case and American-made mouthpiece

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