4823EUP 3-Valve Euphonium

Continuing a tradition of producing high-quality brass instruments, Jean Baptiste presents the 4823EUP 3-Valve Euphonium. Designed with the novice player in mind, the 4823EUP is a superb instrument with features not often found in euphonium at the student level.

The 4823EUP is constructed with a 12″ yellow brass bell that helps create a full commanding tone. The 4823EUP also features three monel-plated valves, which is often found on high-end brass instruments. These valves ensure that proper slotting and intonation is obtained, while creating a valve block that is consistent and reliable. The instrument features a .569″ bore that allows players of any skill to produce a full tone with ease. The 4823EUP sports nickel silver outer tuning slides that help create a durable instrument that withstand wear at these key areas. The leadpipe is made of gold brass, which uses a higher copper content than traditional yellow brass. This also helps produce a warm, vibrant tone.

The 4823EUP 3-Valve Euphonium comes complete with an small shank 12C small shank mouthpiece and a hardshell wheeled case. The 4823EUP offers the outstanding value and tone that that defines Jean Baptiste.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 12″ yellow brass bell
  • .569″ bore: Medium Large bore
  • Nickel silver tuning slides
  • Three monel-plated valves
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case and small shank 12C mouthpiece

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