150HT Herald Trumpet

Jean Baptiste produces a horn for any occasion, demonstrating a commitment to providing high-quality brass instruments for every type of player. With that in mind, Jean Baptiste presents the 150HT Herald Trumpet, a fun, easy-to-play horn that looks back to the brass instruments of the past.

The 150HT plays and sounds exactly like a traditional trumpet, but is much larger size, as the tubing of the bell is not wrapped around the valve block like a traditional trumpet. Instead, its tubing is fully extended to create a much longer instrument. The bell is fitted with two rings from which a banner can be hung.

The 150HT features a 5″ yellow brass bell for an even tone. Every 150HT is outfitted with high-quality, long-lasting nickel silver valves that have a high degree of compression for accurate slotting. While most student trumpets employ yellow brass throughout the entire instrument, the 150HT has gold brass leadpipe, which contains a higher copper content than yellow brass, resulting in a rich, complex tone not often seen in student trumpets.

With a medium large .459″ bore, the 150HT provides the perfect balance of resistance to offer even novice players a great level of control over the instrument. It’s the bore size preferred by students, instructors and professionals alike. For increased portability, the 150HT’s bell is detachable and the entire instrument fits compactly in an included lightweight hardshell cast. A 7C mouthpiece, bottle of valve oil and cleaning cloth are also included, making for a complete instrument package.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 5″ yellow brass body
  • .459″ bore: Medium Large bore
  • Nickel silver slides and valves
  • Gold brass leadpipe
  • Lacquer finish
  • Includes case, 7C mouthpiece, polishing cloth and valve oil

Product Video