TP717 Professional Trumpet – Merveille

Inspired by classic American designs, the Jean Baptiste TP717 Merveille Professional Trumpet is a hand-assembled instrument that meets the standards of performance sought out by professional players everywhere.

The heart of the TP717 Merveille is its lightweight, hand-hammered bell (5”) constructed of tempered yellow brass. It also features a lightweight valve block with hand-fitted, stainless steel valves for excellent compression, slotting and intonation. The Merveille comes standard with a .465” Large step-bore that, along with its fast taper bell, creates a dark, smoky tone well suited for jazz. The unique taper of its bore allows the Merveille to produce the tone of a Large bore instrument, while retaining the preferred feel and playability of one with a Medium Large bore. The Merveille’s reversed main tuning slide and soldered amado water keys helps reduce resistance by keeping the airflow from its yellow brass lead pipe to the valve block direct and unimpeded. Equipped with lightweight finger buttons and valve caps, the Merveille maintains superb feel and balance.

The Merveille comes standard in rich gold lacquer (TP717LL) and silver-plated (TP717LS) finishes, and is equipped with a deluxe leatherette case and vintage- inspired 3C mouthpiece.


  • Keyed to Bb
  • 5″ hand-hammered gold brass bell
  • .465″ bore: Large step bore
  • Nickel silver tuning slide
  • 1st valve slide thumb hook, fixed 3rd valve slide ring
  • Three stainless steel valves
  • Amado water keys
  • Available in lacquer (TP717LL) and silver-plated (TP717LS) finishes
  • Includes deluxe case and 3C mouthpiece

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