FLO299 Open-Hole Flute

The Jean Baptiste FLO299 Open-Hole Flute is the perfect flute for the advancing player that is not yet ready, or able, to invest in a solid silver instrument.

As with many of woodwinds, the FLO299 sports an expertly designed headjoint that creates a free blowing, rich tone. This allows players to project with less breath. And with less fatigue, comes more practice time. The FLO299 features French-styled, open-hole keys, as well as an inline G key for a more comfortable feel. Keyed to Low B, the flute has the same range you’ll find on most pro-level/priced instruments. The FLO299 is perfect for the advanced flautist or for a beginner looking to making a long-term investment in their playing.

With a stunning silver-plated finish, the all-new Jean Baptiste FLO299 will catch your eyes and your ears.


  • Keyed to C
  • Nickel silver body
  • French-styled, open-hole keys
  • Inline G key
  • B foot joint
  • Double skin Italian pads
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Includes case

Product Video