PC282S Piccolo

The Jean Baptiste PC282S Piccolo is the perfect instrument to start your doubling career. Its ideal for the flautist that’s looking to step it up (an octave or two) to the piccolo. With the PC282S, any woodwind player can take the step with minimal adjustments.

The PC282S is designed for comfort, playability and affordability. It features a nickel silver body that is beautifully finished in silver plating for a perfect blend of durability and looks. As is common with piccolos, the G key is placed inline with the rest of the keys for a more comfortable feel on such a small instrument. Keyed to Low D, the PC282S is perfect for the novice, someone looking to return to the instrument or as a backup instrument for an advanced flautist.

All of these features come together in the Jean Baptiste PC282S Piccolo to offer aspiring piccolo players exceptional intonation and playability.


  • Keyed to Low D
  • Nickel silver body
  • Inline G key
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Includes case

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